Compass Forest is the ultimate solution for maximizing efficiency in calculating the Mean Extraction Distance (MED) in forest fields using forwarders.


Developed with a focus on productivity and profitability, this groundbreaking software combines forest plantation simulation with user-inputted data and image processing technology to provide you with precise and reliable results.


Discover the power of advanced simulation, intelligent optimization, and customized micro-planning.


Brain Midline Shift Estimation

Taking precise, objective and rapid measurements of the midline shift of the brain is especially important in patients with traumatic brain injuries, as it is a decisive factor in making therapeutic decisions in a timely manner.

At DotProduct we develop a solution that quickly and with high precision reports the magnitude of the midline shift to treating physicians using brain CT scans and classical machine learning and computer vision techniques.

Brain Midline Shift Estimation

Accurate, automatic and fast brain midline shift estimation based on a combination of machine learning and classic computer vision.


Fire Prediction and Propagation

Within the framework of this project we have developed models and simulators with a high degree of automation and parameterization that may soon be incorporated into the fire management system used by the Uruguayan Society of Forestry Producers. These models, includes a modified version of FPI (fire potential index) and a fire simulator based on Cell2Fire but completly developed by us to fully control it behavor.

Wildfire prediction and fire propagation simulator


Sofia: Autism Spectrum Disorder early warning

The aim of this system (under development) is to allow video capture of a child sitting on the lap of an adult. The video is processed to perform feature extractions and the different reactions to the stimuli are studied. Subsequently, these characteristics are used to discriminate children between the ones within the autism spectrum and and the neurotypical ones using artificial intelligence.

Sofia: ASD early warning system

Early warning of ASD through analysis of keypoints generated in response to video stimuli, using artificial intelligence


StyleDesigner: Outfit recommendation platform

Experience a revolution in personal fashion with our cutting-edge outfit recommendation platform completly centered around the user. Powered by sophisticated machine learning algorithms, our technology is designed to understand your unique style preferences and needs. With personalized suggestions that cater to your individual fashion profile, you’ll find the perfect ensemble for any occasion. For businesses, our platform represents a breakthrough in digital marketing – connecting with your desired audience and boosting sales conversions has never been easier. Unleash the power of tailored style with us today!


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